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A litle sample of differrent than wall art and items. 


My favourite are upcycled glass jars.  Unfortunately, where I live, glass doesn't get recycled and I'm so proud that I can keep some out of the landfill and give them a second life.  I don't make them often enough to have a large stock available at hand and they sell very easily when I take them to Art Shows and Sales. 

Easter Eggs

Wooden eggs handpainted with acrylic paint and varnished. Most are sold, some still available.


Handpainted 1 L jar SOLD!!!

Poppies Tealight

Small handpainted glass jar. SOLD!!!

Poppy Pitcher

Large old glass pitcher handpainted. SOLD!!!


Handpainter on 100% cotton paper pemanently glued to cork base, sealed with waterproof and heatproof varnish. SOLD!!!

Christmas Cardinal

Acrylic painted wood panel ornament, about 8" diameter. SOLD!!!

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