Hi! My name is Jolanta Kędra, and I am  a Polish-Canadian self-taught artist.  I left Poland at the age of 27 while it was under the communist government and I moved to the beautiful city of Saskatoon where I live now.

Always a dreamer, the youngest of five, I usually got away with leaving the household chores and helping with the small farm to the older siblings and filled my days with reading and drawing.  One of my elementary school teachers encouraged me to pursue the education in art but... at that time, it was something completely out of my reach.  The every day life, work, family kept me busy in my younger years until l came across a nice charcoal sketching kit and something compelled me to buy it. I think it was that the artist dream had always been in the back of my mind but I never did anything about it, till it was time to do something about it. Yes, I used to say that learning how to paint would be my retirement project but in 2015 I was not planning to retire yet. 

The charcoal kit is a very symbolic beginning for me. When I was a kid I loved watching professor Zin's TV series called  "With Pen and Charcoal" in which he talked about ornamental wonders of historic buildings while he was drawing them, and I was mesmerized how his drawings came to life with a few skilful lines and a bit of shading.  I was dreaming about being able to draw like him and about owning a sketching kit like he had. Now, I know that a good sketching kit is all one needs to be an artist.  All the other sophisticated art materials are nice but a humble pencil, pen or a charcoal stick, and a lot of practice is enough to excel in art.  But, it wasn't that I just needed a nice sketching kit and I could draw like professor Zin right from the very first try. Oh, no!  Like most beginners, I needed someone who believed in me and I got that from my adult son who saw my charcoal doodles and encouraged me to take them further.

Learning how to paint is a never ending story.  Every and any new painting teaches me something different. I find it fascinating that there can never be exactly the same colours mixed, exactly the same brush strokes repeated even when painting the same thing over and over again.

A daytime job and a few other commitments limit my painting time, but it is a fair trade off for affording to paint. The professional quality art supplies I prefer to use are not exactly hobby artist's budget friendly. I love to experiment with different media, techniques, styles and subjects.  Anything and everything inspires me and I just hope to live long enough to explore my creativity to its fullest. 

Reaching for a few paints and creating something eye pleasing on a blank surface, something that wasn't there before, is a very fulfilling experience.  Getting positive response to my artwork from other people boosts my creative energy.  I am forever grateful to anyone who has cared to leave likes on this website or my social media, took time to chat with me in person at life events, as well as anyone who has supported me in my artistic journey in so many different ways.  I would like to thank my family, my friends, other more experienced artists  and of course collectors who  bought my art.


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It is never too late to start a new show,
 find a different route, give it one more go.
 It is never too late, at the misfortune station,
 hop on the last train and reach the dream destination.
(author unknown translated from Polish by Jola Kędra)                                                                                                                                           

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