Stress & Creativity

Most artists are probably agreeing with me that stress and creativity don't really like each other and rarely go hand in hand.

Stress usually paralyzes my creativity but if I manage to spare just a bit of motivation and literally make myself to paint then the creativity chases the stress away. The hardest thing is to push myself to do something. Doesn't have to be painting. Sometimes it is enough to clean my craft room or sort the art supplies. Sometimes, reviewing past projects, looking through the sketchbooks is enough to spark a bit of the will to go on.

When my mom was sick and then died, I had the worst artist block ever. It came to the point that I wanted to quit forever and give away all my craft supplies to the Rouge Gallery that caters to inner city kids in my town. For the whole 4 months I managed to complete one painting but then I found an online group called Kick in the Creatives and signed up for a daily sketch challenge and that just helped me to get out the deep, dark hole and resume my creative journey. That was in November 2018.

Now we have March 2020 and the COVID-19 and I'm back in the dark, deep hole. No, it's not because of the social isolation; I still have to go to my day job, but because of what's going on around me. No, I'm not a healthcare worker hero, I'm just a silent administrative support making sure that the healthcare workers have everything that's needed to run the clinic. It's all that gloom that surrounds me and the BIG UNKNOWN.

I didn't know what to do tonight and thought of doing this post and voila! I few minutes of writing and I feel I can go back to my easel.

Happy creating!


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